Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

2.10.1648 (Monday 2 October 1648)

document 70003610

2: Mr Harrington came to sojourn with us; our agreement was without two words, the lord bless him, and make him an instrument of much good to our youth, and make us a comfort to one another. I cannot so great is your goodness to me oh lord but admire it: you have called me to a knowledge of yourself when blind and ignorant of myself, you have many times prevented me in mercy, when on the brink of sin through my dallying with temptations: you have quieted my heart and comforted me with your love when your terrors were ready to take hold of me.

This week John Reads maid went away with child, and accuses him for father. the man once a great professor, admired for his parts, but his base corruptions grew too strong, he fell to drunkenness, to neglect god in ordinances, the communion of his people, followed idle company, and when at worst was confident of mercy for Christ had died for his sins and all pardoned, god may make him to awake by this great fall, which as a crack may amaze him but he keeps out of mans sight in regard of the shame, but thy eye is everywhere oh god, rebuke him that he may return and live oh what mercy is this that god, has not let my corruptions loose, and made them too strong for me.