Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

8.10.1648 (Sunday 8 October 1648)

document 70003615

Octob. 8. This week god was good to me and mine in our peace, and plenty, we have your mercies in abundance, blessed be thy name; and in mercy to my soul you have given me more advantage against my corruptions, in giving me a loathing of the same, and taken off my heart my musing on evil, for indeed the heart is the sinner, the lord has been good and merciful to me in distempers of cold and soreness of my navel, on me they are light, and I trust you will cure the illness of both in due time: god was pleased to let some bitter apprehensions fall into my mind, but I desire to make it my work to die daily, and to make it familiar to me, and prepare for it, that my soul may live with thee, but the Lord has removed those fears, and given me some strength of patience to wait his time, and not to fear worse inconveniences thereby. Some time in this week I spent in reading Hebrew and I resolve now I am nearly 32 years old to set myself more closely to the study of it, god was good to me in the Sabbath, in the duties, and exercise thereof. in his good word of his unchangeable and immutable love, notwithstanding our failings, he in mercy accept me. the season was dry, and somewhat cold most frosts, which was good for our healths and very comfortable for the husbandman, bringing the earth in season, so that we must praise god, who remembered us in our low estate: things are yet very dear I gave 8s.2d. for a bushel of new wheat, the greatest price I ever gave in my time of housekeeping,