Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

19.10.1648 (Thursday 19 October 1648)

document 70003630

19: I and my wife went with Mr Harringtons to his fathers, where we had very free, and loving entertainment, we stayed there that night, when in bed and sleeping. 2 of Colne knocked at the gate called for me, which I heard, my wife was afraid, divers thoughts were in my head, my expectations were confused, but I gathered up my spirits, and wished my wife not to give way to passion, and create fears to herself, and wait the knowledge of their message, a good rule to be followed in sudden frights, and it proved only business about the thanksgiving day at my Lady Honiwoods . which in regard it was next day, and I not coming home, these men were sent with letters to me, that I might not fail to be there, and accordingly the next morning I arose, and went to Colne, and from thence to my ladies, where we met much good society, Mr Rolls and myself preached: my lady provided a great dinner and stayed all the people poor and rich that were at home, this day we vowed in our distress and low condition, and blessed by god, who made us to keep our vows only Lord pardon our sinfulness, our want of affections, and vigour of spirit in the same, smell a sweet savour and delight to continue thy goodness towards us for thy holy names sake,