Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

22.10.1648 (Sunday 22 October 1648)

document 70003635

October: 22: This week the lord continued his mercy and goodness, to me, and mine, in all our outward enjoyments wanting nothing: my navel was very sore, god gave me a heart to seek unto him for help, and my heart was raised up thereby more to trust him than formerly: it is not yet well, but as an answer of prayer, and an earnest of perfecting this mercy, I find it much better, and I hope god in his due season will recover me perfectly, and make me by these changes, to lay more sure hold on him that is unchangeable, and more careful to honour him, at all times, who is in distress my only rock, and help:. the lord was good, and merciful to us in the season, all this week from Tuesday fair, ploughs at work again, men committing their seed to the ground: Major Heynes went from us this week, his regiment is in Scotland, and there he must go, the lord in mercy afford him a good season, which will take away much of the trouble of the journey; all things are at excess rates; and yet our people having plenty of work, they make a good shift, which is a mercy beyond the expectation of most people, I find my corruptions of mind in contemplative vanities not so stirring as formerly oh let them never recover strength again I entreat you, god was good to me in the Sabbath, and in the duties thereof, the lord make his doctrine of free and unchangeable grace, the continual stay of my soul, for his glorious name sake;