Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

5.11.1648 (Sunday 5 November 1648)

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November: 5: This week the Lord was good and merciful to me, and mine, in our peace, plenty comforts, health, my wife only weakly, the good Lord be her strength, and sanctify her: my navel I hope well again, I have not had any trouble with divers days oh lord you have given me a heart to seek thee, and trust in thee, and thereby was my heart freed from fear and perplexity, and have you also healed me; I will praise thee oh my healing god, but let me not return to folly. oh Lord, it was good that you have chastened me, for hereby you have let me see my wretchedness of heart, I call to mind my youthful vanities, contemplative lusts, and the delights of my soul therein, and this sin assaults me to this day, oh lord that I should cast sweetness, and take delight in sin, the bitterest evil in the world, and that cannot comfort me, heal me, oh my soul casts sweetness in thee beyond honey, and sees goodness in thee, oh let me never more return to my former follies never go to delight myself in sinful objects. the lord was good to me in my studies, giving me a little diligence therein, and to reap some profit thereby, you are my end and aim oh lord, and the honouring you among my people, oh make all my endeavour helps to know you and your christ, for you are the perfection of sweetness and excellency.

this week the Lord kept me falling into gross sins, and from my old temptations, I find Satan tempting, but I am not at leisure for him, through thy grace, oh keep me for I am weak(,) undertake for me, oh thou my strength: and make me to find sweetness in serving of thee, especially in calling upon thee, let my heart power out itself, and let me taste thy goodness flowing into my bosom, The Lord was good to me in giving me strength and ability to preach oh bless the word to me, and my people, and let us not be as those that eat, and are not strengthened by the same, good is god to give me the liberty of his Sabbaths, he in mercy, accept me, and pardon me, my subject was about faith out of 2 Thes 1: v.3