Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

6.11.1648 (Monday 6 November 1648)

document 70003675

[Vossius institute orat] 6: We begun this morning to rise early, and to spend some time by fire and candle, I intend in morning to read over the liberal arts, and began with Vossius Rhet. Tom. 1. in 4o. it contains 433p. ceptis aspira nostris domine, that hereby being more skilled in the tongues and arts I may be more useful in my generation,

this day going in at Appletons ; door, where horses stood; one horse kicked either at another or at me, and struck me twice, but through gods goodness, I had no hurt, oh lord if you had not watched over, how near was I to danger, and not aware of the same;