Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

13.11.1648 (Monday 13 November 1648)

document 70003705

[Hookers and Cottons treatises:] 13: begun the reading, and noting the principal things, out of 2 treatises concerning church government by Mr Hooker , called a survey of the sum of church discipline; in 4 parts: the first part contains: 296 pages in 4to: part 2. p: 90: part. 3 p. 46: part 4. p.: 59: in all 491 pages: the second treatise by Mr Cotton , called the way of congregational churches cleared in 2 treatises, one historical, against Baylie dissuasive, the other polemical, art(icle) pag: 148: both treatises contain: 639 pages: their scope is to clear the scripturalness of congregational government against presbytery: especially in those 2 points: the matter of church society saints the extent of church-government authoritative only to a particular congregation: the time I allotted for this was in the forenoon together with my Hebrew studies: viz what time I could pick before dinner, having read Vossius ante solem, and being to learn a part every morning in the Heb: Grammar.