Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

27.12.1648 (Friday 27 December 1648)

document 70003790

27. This day was the public, the last month I kept my bed all day in a great sweat, and troubled with my cold, and aguish distemper, but god in his mercy and goodness has revived his mercy as of old in restoring me to my health and my strength, and now what remains unto me, but to serve this god, with all my strength, and to delight my soul in his goodness; the Lord was good and merciful to me in my wife , who was better and more cheerful and free from pains than formerly, as also in preaching his word enabling me for the same and helping me with strength for the delivery of it; the good Lord pardon mine and the nations sins and heal us for his names sake,

My wife was ill nowadays, with a pain in her head and back, the lord support her, and sanctify it unto her, and deliver her from the same, and make her to me daily a meet help,

Mrs Harlakenden very ill divers nights together, Lord preserve her, and let her live in thy sight and with us, for your mercy and goodness sake, we dined with Mr Harlakenden die 30: where we were bountifully entertained, as a few nights before with Mrs Church .