Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

31.12.1648 (Tuesday 31 December 1648)

document 70003795

31: This week the Lord was good to me, and children in health, peace, in providing necessaries for us, so that in straits and times of scarcity, we are sufficiently provided for, my wife not very well, I hope they are but her childing illnesses, which god in due time will remove; this week, I had divers disquietings and I find they disquiet me, lord strengthen me with patience that no outward thing may move me to any unseemliness, and help me to watch myself continually: god good to me in keeping me from my old temptations, and my follies thereon, they are cuts to my heart and before my eyes, but thou oh lord of thy mercy will not only pardon them, but do them away, and I find them after putting up head but through gods goodness they lead me not aside as formerly to walk with vanity: the lord good to me in my health my cold only very gentle: my navel whole and sound all this week, but I was divers times afraid it had been sore, the lord merciful to me in the Sabbath, in giving me liberty, and strength for it, bless thy word unto me and my people, and give me a spirit to walk with thee, this week also I had some monies from my people: as if the lord would cause their care of me to revive, if it be thy pleasure do, and give me with comfort to serve thee with this people all my days if it be thy pleasure, for my desires are specially here.