Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

4.1.1649 (Thursday 4 January 1649)

document 70003800

January: 4: This day we were kindly entertained at my neighbour Potters ; [Bakers Chronicle read: Reconciler.] I finished the reading of Sr Ri: Bakers chronicle in folio of 614 pages divided into four parts; also this day I entered upon a great work, wherein I intend some care and pains to collect the places of scripture, and that seem different one from another, and the reconciling of them, Lord assist me with health, strength and wisdom for this great work;

This day 7 years King Charles came to demand the 5 members, and it was thought with an intention to have offered violence to the house, this day the Commons of themselves, ordered the Trial of the King, many men cry out of this work that it will ruin the kingdom, the army religion: etc. for my part I conceive it strange extraordinary, and that it will occasion very much trouble between the prince, and his friends, and the joiners in the new representative, but if the work be of god it will prosper, if not it will come to nothing,