Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

23.1.1649 (Tuesday 23 January 1649)

document 70003855

23: This day was very cold, the sharpness of the wind made a very great frost, my navel was a little sore, but now raw, Mrs Mary Church had a great fall, and hurt her leg with it, god in mercy make her well again, my dear wife more cheerful this day than divers days, the smallpox are about in divers places, the god of heaven in much mercy preserve me and mine: this night our maid was ill, and feared as if she would have the pox. two things troubled me. the sickness in regard of me and mine, but god upheld me in the consideration of his providence, that nothing comes to pass without, he can preserve my family or me when others ill, and he can afflict it when others well, and therefore I was resolved to submit to his hand cheerfully. another trouble and that was death and judgement. here I cast my soul upon that love of god that has done great things in me to perfect them and crown me with his glory. I praise god in the morning she feared only as if it had been a sore throat.