Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

7.2.1649 (Wednesday 7 February 1649)

document 70003880

4: This week I was much troubled with pose, and cold; but through mercy they did not settle in my chest: otherwise I enjoyed many mercies outward and that in particular in my heath: I was much troubled with the black providence of putting the King to death, my tears were not restrained at the passages about his death, the lord in mercy lay it not as sin to the charge of the kingdom, but in mercy do us good by the same, the lord was good to all mine in their healths, the smallpox on some families of the town but spreads not, to god be the glory thereof: my vanities of mind returned to my trouble, oh when shall vain thoughts depart from me. this week I could do nothing neither in my Hebrew nor in my reconciler: the Lord was good to me in the Sabbath in enabling me with strength for the work the lord in mercy accept me therein, and bless it to my people, and own soul eternal good:.

the death of the king talked much of, very many men of the weaker sort of christians in divers places passionate concerning it, but so ungroundedly, that it would make any to bleed to observe it, the lord has some great thing to do, fear and tremble at it oh England:.

Monday it was debated about Kings and Peers(,) on Tuesday the house of Commons ordered to null the house of Lords as useless, and on the next day to lay aside the Government by Kings, and to set up a council of state,