Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

11.2.1649 (Sunday 11 February 1649)

document 70003885

Feb: 11: This week the Lord was good to me and mine in our peace and plenty. the times are very sad and full of difficulties, and yet god provides for me, and mine, god good to us in our health: my cold causes me to wheeze in the nights but not much, my children preserved in divers dangers, Jane fell into the fire, her hands only a little hurt, I had more experience of my heart looking back after old vanities than a long time before, I had well nigh slipped, but god upheld me, this week I omitted the study of my Heb: but observed 6 chapters in Genesis in my reconciler, we had a lusty woman died this week in our town suddenly, I preached at her funeral.

God was good to me in the Sabbath, in carrying me on in the work of it, the good lord in mercy accept me and pardon for the glory of his own rich name, do me and my people good. the weather was frost. snow, and windy, which made it very cold and thus it has continued about three weeks,