Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

25.2.1649 (Sunday 25 February 1649)

document 70003930

Feb: 25: This week the lord was good to me and mine in our peace, plenty and preservation and in our healths though both my wife and self had some distempers, yet so gentle as not much to unfit us for our employments, some sadly distressed under the smallpox, the lord made us helpful to our maid Lydia and her children: the lord stand between the whole, and the sick, and suffer his rod to proceed no farther if it be his will; we had 6 persons: 3 old men, 1: young woman and 2 infants buried in the space of 14: days: I did something though not much in my Hebrew I have finished the 30 chapter of Exodus in my reconciler, I intended to have entered upon my course of exposition but my hoarseness hindered me, my daughter this week abroad with our loving Friend Mrs Ellistons daughter ; that part of the army before Pomfrett hanged a minister a Cavalier they condemned him for holding intelligence with the enemy in the Castle, and that he had a hand in betraying the same, this week there seemed to appear some differences in the Council of state, and in the army especially, a dangerous petition as they say being set a foot, and truly the enemies only course is to divide them on the peoples interest and their own, for probably if they continue united it will cost a sea of blood, and a world of trouble to alter what is now in settling: this day I began my expositions again my voice fails me very much. the lord pardon my sins accept me and make me serviceable to himself.

I felt my navel sore again at night.