Name Index - Mabel Elliston (E199)

Appears in the text as:
Tuesday 7 August 1627Baptism register 1620 to 16396702569
Sunday 25 February 1649Diary of Ralph Josselin70003930
Saturday 7 July 1649Diary of Ralph Josselin70004210
Saturday 3 November 1649Diary of Ralph Josselin70004510
Tuesday 28 May 1650Diary of Ralph Josselin70004945
Friday 9 January 1652Diary of Ralph Josselin70006285
Sunday 9 May 1652Diary of Ralph Josselin70006535
Sunday 6 March 1653Diary of Ralph Josselin70007115
Sunday 26 November 1654Diary of Ralph Josselin70008305
Sunday 25 March 1655Diary of Ralph Josselin70008510
Friday 27 July 1655Diary of Ralph Josselin70008710
Sunday 14 September 1656Diary of Ralph Josselin70009620
Monday 15 September 1656Diary of Ralph Josselin70009625
Tuesday 3 March 1657Diary of Ralph Josselin70010145
Wednesday 4 March 1657Diary of Ralph Josselin70010150
Sunday 29 March 1657Diary of Ralph Josselin70010130
Wednesday 1 April 1657Diary of Ralph Josselin70010135
Thursday 2 April 1657Diary of Ralph Josselin70010140
Saturday 4 April 1657Burial register 1640 to 16598201578
Monday 6 April 1657Diary of Ralph Josselin70010160