Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

7.7.1649 (Saturday 7 July 1649)

document 70004210

7: received news and true that Major Heynes my good friend, had procured me 15li. for my pay as chaplain to the regiment for Colchester service, it was singular kindness in him towards me: my losses were great to me, my patience I praise god in reference to them was my comfort. god took this time, and this way to repay them, in a fit season to help me out of troubles, and debts oh that I could love the lord for his mercy, and be more faithful to serve him: surely god has something for me to do at Colne, he provides for me, when others fail who should: my good friend Mrs Mary brought me in 20s. from herself, and 20s. from Mrs. Mabel to buy me a book, the lord in mercy requite it into their bosoms.