Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

6.7.1649, 7.7.1649, 8.7.1649 (Friday 6 July 1649)

document 70004215

July: 8: This week continued very dry, and hot, only now and then the wind tempered the heat my son had July: 7: a great swelling suddenly arose under his right ear and this day under his left my wife anointed it, god in his mercy heal it; [Navel.] all this week through mercy my navel was well, I continued now and then to wash it though it was well the lord heal me, for he is my trust. I perused some discourses of Medes this week, and 2 or 3 books in Sleidan; I was often abroad visiting of friends this week, the lord was good to me in providing for me, in the days of scarcity, so that we want nothing that is convenient for us, I was much to blame in not providing for the Sabbath, I am sensible of my hearts neglect in my work and in seeking god, oh lord heal me, when one corruption tempts not then another starts up, oh undertake for me that no iniquity may have dominion over me . this week reports were heard from Ireland, we looked when Cromwell should go, but yet he did not. John Burton for whom we sought god June 27. was cut for the stone July 6. and good hopes he will recover, and do well, god of his mercy say Amen thereunto. made a collection for Lancashire which is much afflicted with famine and pestilence,