Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

14.9.1656 (Sunday 14 September 1656)

document 70009620

Sept: 14: God good to us in our outward mercies, this morning I awakened comfortably, who lay down very ill, the weather made a great change it raining in the morning a very comfortable shower and so continues; in reading the chapters being the. 4 and 5. of Judges, I had a thought there was something therein concerned the parliament and protector(.) I saw them hold out the churches deliverance. - Acts. 12. which in course I read did the same we sung in course. psal. 89 part the third; let the oppressors be who and what he will be an purpose what he will; as to the issue the lord will deliver his from his and his parties expectation. acts. 12.v.11: when I came down from pulpit I heard Mrs Mabel was likely to die, she has received the sentence of death in herself from dreams. and there visional interpretations in 56: I hope she may live, god good to me in the word preached: