Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

1.4.1657 (Wednesday 1 April 1657)

document 70010135

Ap. 1. Spent in a day of prayer for Mr W.H. Mrs Mabel. Ell. children, god good to me in the word from psal. 5.3. in prayer, and in the day, the lord my god accept me; a little after midnight I was called up to Mrs Mabel , who earnestly desired me to be with her at her death, and now sent for me; I endeavoured to get to her, but before I came she was dead, she died full of faith in god, seeing Jesus with her eyes as she said without any pain or trouble, which she much feared, god put it under her feet and made her despise it, she was her parents only one, and was my dear friend, one of ten thousand