Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

26.11.1654, 27.11.1654 (Sunday 26 November 1654)

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Nov. 26: The Lord good to us in outward mercies, the time very wintery, few such Novembers for quantities of snow, which fat the Earth, and help the pools(.) many said there would be no distinction of winter and summer in the end, for the fine winters, but this came in very sharp: the lord good to me in letting me see how unapt my heart is to be quiet and still, and wait until he brings things to pass but apt to run in my thoughts before his work, yet I would bind myself within his word: god good to me in the word and work of this day.

This night my wife dreamed, that towards a night. she saw 3 lights in the sky over Abbots fields which are North by West, and South a body as the Sun or Moon, the lights blazed and filled the sky with light often, and then the body in the South answered it with flames exceedingly terrible; when the lights ceased there arose 3 smokes like pillars out of the earth and ascended. she thought of Rev: 19. 3: afterwards the lights with a whirlwind and noise filled the whole heaven with sparks, as if it would have burnt all. the body was then of a dark red. afterwards it was more light and in that body as it were flowers, from a root(,) she twisted into one, and in the circumference inwards many strings like roots, and air dark, morning came, and the day dark; she feared and trembled but bore up her heart on Christs mercy. - I, and Mrs Mabel , and our new maid Mary were there to see it, and no other. - a flood this morning. Die. 27. - she thought she was busy in going to oven but could not do it, and so thought we would be when Christs coming would indeed be.