Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

6.3.1653 (Sunday 6 March 1653)

document 70007115

March: 6: This week past the lord good to me and mine in all outward mercies, my wife ill in head and teeth but bears up through mercy and so do my babes, the week past a little rain, I hope god will give us springing weather, I was afraid of some trouble at London before this: blessed be god for lengthening out our tranquillity, my heart I find much running out after gods appearing in the last day. but I am very dead in my present work, lord when will you quicken me(.) Mrs Mabel Elliston returned safe home after a long absence from her friends. the lord good to me in the word preached, but oh how deadly, and drowsily do people hear, oh Lord god arise