Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

6.4.1657 (Monday 6 April 1657)

document 70010160

6: saw part of Mrs Mabel Ellistons diurnal of her life, full of spiritual observation and sweetness, lord thy presence sweetens my cup, for other things are bitter to me(,) Mr Elliston told me that April the 1. being a fast (but public) at night he had such a vision comfort as he counted it his joyfullest hour, this was Wednesday in Easter week. [1651] - this Wednesday in East. week 1657. we kept a private fast at priory wherein he was with us, and about the same time at night just six years, his only daughter died very much ravished with joy; in her loss he counts that his most sad hour: the only difference is one day. then April 1. was Tuesday. and the fast was on the 2nd.