Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

8.4.1657 (Wednesday 8 April 1657)

document 70010165

8: heard Tom Humfry was dead, mine and my two sisters first sons were named Thomas, the eldest sisters is dead, lord preserve ours. he was a boy that did not much mind god, our hearts let out to pray for him, his affliction a sad pox I hope the lord spoke to his heart. prayer is my duty. forgiveness belongs to god and judgement final of a person. the lord awaken me more to keep up my peace with god, and to a greater serviceableness to the name of god in my generation, I sent down 6 dozen of cakes for his burial; oh my soul rejoice that christ ever lives, and no storms can make him to wither, but is able to fill up with his love, all the empty places that death makes, yes the empty soul