Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

28.5.1650 (Tuesday 28 May 1650)

document 70004945

28. This day my dear Mary was buried in Earles Colne church by the 2 uppermost seats, she was accompanied there with most of the town; Mrs Margarett Harlakenden , and Mrs Mabel Elliston laid her in grave, those two and Mrs Jane Clench and my sister carried her in their hands to the grave, I kissed her lips last, and carefully laid up that body the soul being with Jesus it rests there till the resurrection. god gave me a submitting heart to his will, and even a heart rejoicing in him for what he has done for her; I rest confident of her glory, not only because the Covenant of god is with me, and so also with my seeds and from the riches of his free grace; saving whom he pleases, but the soberness, towardliness in obedience spiritualness of her conversation for a child, argued the real impression of the image of god upon her; the lord was wonderful good to me and my dear wife in this correction; the lord gave us time in our thoughts, to bury it, we expected nothing but death two or 3 days before, he bore witness to my spirit that it was not in anger towards me or my baby, but in love to both that he did what he did, and persuades me he will do me good, and point to some corruptions, which he will assist me in the further mortifying of them; I eyed her glory and gain and set that against her life and my loss, and her balance infinitely outweighed, the lord give me strength of heart to eye him, and quietness of heart to submit to him, for which I bless his name,

These 2 days I had 14li.6s.6d. paid me in unexpectedly, which was an ease to my mind, in my outward condition which was much straightened, Mrs Mary grows wonderfully weak and ill every day, my neighbour Potter sick of the smallpox, a mercy my Maries disease was not infectious, the lord spare her life and preserve me and my family for his mercy sake.