Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

18.3.1649 (Sunday 18 March 1649)

document 70003965

March: 18: This week the lord was good, and merciful to me and mine in our peace, our health, our plenty, wanting none of those necessary outward good things that others are deprived, the season was sadly cold, this day a great snow: Mr R.H. much troubled in reference to his office in these times, wherein I was somewhat serviceable to him: cheese now at 4d.q and ob per pound, butter sold by some at 8d. pork 4d.q. or ob. beef 3d.ob.q. great fear of the decay of trade, yet lord, in all assays we will put our trust in thee, this week my navel sore, I bless god for it: if god will heal me of any corruption by his chastisement, is it not good, I see more into the deceit of my heart, my weakness, heal me also oh god, my heart if fixed on god that he will do my good by it, and therefore I am now at rest. Mr W.H. likely to be a justice of peace, the lord make him useful and serviceable for his glory in his place, the lord let me see my weakness, and therefore I will press the more to lay hold on him, and to trust in him, the good lord keep me from every evil way for his name sake, the lord was good to me in giving me strength to preach, and to expound the word, the lord in mercy pardon my many iniquities and accept of my soul, and continue to lift up the light of his countenance on me and mine, and then full safe are we.