Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

20.3.1649 (Tuesday 20 March 1649)

document 70003970

20: I find the priests, and altars under the law contracted uncleanness, and they were to be cleansed Levit. 16. 6. 19: now on this altar were only their sacrifices burnt so that there was sin in them, and indeed [V 20:] lord there is sin, corruption uncleanness in my duties that I perform before thee there is the iniquity of my holy things, but that is my comfort, I have a priest an altar that does sanctify my services and me, one that contracts no pollution from me, though I that am unclean touch him, yet he is not made unclean by me, but I am made clean by him. I find V. 29. 30: upon the anniversary when the priest made atonement for the people that the people also afflicted their souls Jesus is make atonement for me every day and I will every day look up to god to accept of his atonement as Levin I rest: but I will seek unto my god by him.