Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

22.3.1649, 24.3.1649 (Thursday 22 March 1649)

document 70003975

22: Mr W:H. came home from the assizes he was sworn the justice of peace, we have 3 justices now within 2 miles of our town on either hand with him, the lord make him serviceable for our good, there are but few in the county, its a good providence that we are so well supplied: there fell our work for him as soon as he came home, pretences of slaughter, heard by him that L. Col. Lilburne and his party did gather about St Albans to go on with their pretended principle of liberty, and to ease the subject of taxes, it is true there are burdens on us, and divers pretend to amend them, but they are but easy easiers, they rather increase than ease our burdens, Martin , and some others its said join with him, and encourage him,

[Navel.] on the 12 day my navel was sore, it was washed as usual, and so it was on the 13 day as I remember, I had a very great confidence in god to heal me of this infirmity, I found it well on the 13 day at night and so it continued to this day. viz. 24: