Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

25.3.1649 (Sunday 25 March 1649)

document 70003980

March: 25: This week the lord was good and merciful to me and mine, in our health, peace, plenty and in all other outward enjoyments: the season was dry, windy, indifferently clear in the nights very cold, and much given to frosts, I should hope the season was good to purge the air, and to prevent infection, the smallpox is about in the country three houses in our town visited, god has spared all their lives hitherto, oh that thy rod were sanctified to us all, still oh lord watch over me and mine for in thee do I put my trust: the Coroner was sent for unto our town about the death of one Beckwiths wife, by Holden , the Jury acquitted him, [Meditations and Vows] This week I was very sensible of my iniquity, and the corrupt inclinations of my heart to evil, oh how prone oh lord am I thereunto, but I have sworn that I will keep thy commandments, oh forsake me not; I was very neglectful in my Hebrew studies this week; but I began a piece of work which I hope will not be unprofitable to me in my spiritual estate. viz, as I read over the scripture, some places yield me much spiritual solace, matter of rejoicing, and some of engagements, which I take notice of in a book for that purpose; I went on more speedily than formerly in my reconciler I finished Number: Cap: 12. this week, the lord merciful to me in giving me strength and voice for the labour and duty of the day, I preached twice and expounded almost 2: chapters, oh let it not be as water spilt on the ground, make the words profitable to me and us all(,) I found no illness in my navel all this week, oh continue your goodness to me, that I may praise thee, and delight in thee;