Name Index - Robt Beckwith (B253)

Appears in the text as:
Thursday 16 January 1634Archdeaconry Act Book2001289
Thursday 6 February 1634Archdeaconry Act Book2001328
Thursday 27 February 1634Archdeaconry Act Book2001341
Wednesday 19 March 1634Archdeaconry Act Book2001354
Wednesday 7 May 1634Archdeaconry Act Book2001368
Wednesday 21 October 1635Archdeaconry Act Book2001819
Tuesday 5 April 1636Archdeaconry Act Book2001870
Monday 17 April 1637Archdeaconry Act Book2002359
Tuesday 9 May 1637Archdeaconry Act Book2002428
Thursday 1 June 1637Archdeaconry Act Book2002503
Saturday 14 December 1637Bishop of London Consistory Court Visitations102383
Wednesday 7 February 1638Archdeaconry Act Book2002717
Sunday 25 March 1649Diary of Ralph Josselin70003980