Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

6.5.1649 (Sunday 6 May 1649)

document 70004075

May: 6: This week past, god was good and merciful to me and mine in our peace, plenty, we wanting no outward good thing that is needful or necessary for us, god good in our health for so I called, though my wife was troubled with throws, yet they were such as she comfortably endured with gods help, and we could not expect much otherwise from her, I was ill with my cold, yet through mercy, I grow better rid of it than formerly(.) this week I had experience of my own weakness in sinful temptations, following me, and troubling me, as if gods goodness in letting none get dominion over me I praise my god for a heart of indignation against evil; oh yet if I were not dogged with them it would be more peace to me, if you will try me oh lord, oh let me not be overcome of any corruptions I humbly entreat thee, I had little liberty and leisure to do anything in my studies this week, but in those that lie ordinary before me, god was merciful to me in giving me strength and freedom for his Sabbath, he in mercy accept me and do me good for the glory of his own holy and precious name.