Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

5.5.1649 (Saturday 5 May 1649)

document 70004070

May: 5: My dear wife had been very ill for 3 weeks, now towards night pains came fast on her; and she was delivered before nine of the clock of her 5th child, and third son god giving us another son instead of my dear Ralph whom he took away, the lord command grace for my poor infant, and make it his, and perfect his mercy towards my dear wife , and keep me in uprightness that I may fear his name, my wife was alone a great while with our good friends Mrs Mary , and her mother , some few women were with her, but the midwife not, but when god commands deliverance there is nothing hinders it

[Navel] I feared my navel this day, there was some lint that stick in it, I think it was by reason of my former sweating, I meddled not with it, but I look up to my god perfectly to heal me.