Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

18.5.1649 (Friday 18 May 1649)

document 70004100

18: This day I paid Mr Harlakenden of the priory : 12li. I now owe to him 23li. for which I gave him a bill to pay it upon demand, and I intend god willing to pay him well and truly with all speed: my lady sent her daughter Mrs Elizabeth , and kinswoman with her cost to give my wife a visit; we testified the utmost of our respect unto her, I gave her the choice of any book in my library, which she accepted very kindly and lovingly from me,

[N] My navel was indifferent well, I applied powder sugar beaten very fine the god of my mercies give a blessing thereto, heard the news of quashing the Levellers; a glorious rich providence of god to England: