Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

20.5.1649 (Sunday 20 May 1649)

document 70004105

May: 20: This week the lord was good to us, in our peace, in health, and providing for us notwithstanding the great scarcity of all things rye at 6s.8d. bushel, butter at 7d. pound, cheese 6d. beef: 5d. lamb 7d. this week I had experience of the aptness of my heart to listen to vain temptations and of gods grace to keep and preserve me from being overcome with the same, my navel was not well all this week neither was it very sore, only some moisture in it, and the lint apt to stick in the same, this week I had no time for any studies but my sermons and expositions, the lord was good to me in the day, he in mercy accept me and bless my labours for his mercy sake, our audience was very great this day from Halstead and other neighbour towns:.