Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

26.7.1649 (Thursday 26 July 1649)

document 70004270

26: This day I bought of John Beereman a parcel of land, now Sarah Haukesbees it contains 2 acres and more rents: 2li.10s. besides the lords rent, it cost me 36li.15s. I am to pay all his money even down and to take the rent due at Michaelmas: I paid him 15li. home with him; this is gods providence to bless me, and to add to that little which I have, he in mercy give me a heart endeavouring the glorifying of his holy name according to his goodness made known unto me. this afternoon I did preach at the funeral of Mrs Cressener on Psal. 73. 26. wherein god was good and gracious unto me.