Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

14.10.1649 (Sunday 14 October 1649)

document 70004460

October: 14: This week the lord was good to me and all mine in our peace, health, provision for us so that in the midst of straits we want nothing necessary for us, the lord in the health of my wife in particular notwithstanding the stirrings and unquietness of her son , which yet my good god moderates very much; Mrs Mary is in a good way of coming abroad again to god be praise; [Navel.] my navel was a little illish as if it had issued but dressing it through gods blessing it did appear perfectly well the next day and I trust shall continue so through gods blessing, god was good to me this week in keeping me from many temptations with which I had formerly been molested oh let me hate every evil way, and be kept in uprightness through thy grace and goodness: I did somewhat in my studies this week, for the Sabbath, my heart was affected with the word, and I was somewhat enlarged in my spirit through the good hand of god upon me, I pray thee oh god in mercy pardon all my sinfulnesses and weaknesses and delight in me to do me good for thy mercy sake.