Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

4.11.1649 (Sunday 4 November 1649)

document 70004515

Nov: 4: This week the lord was good to me and mine in all outward mercies: only my little Jane had a painful, troublesome rising in her head, which much disquieted her, and yet gods mercy was not restrained therein, in breaking it speedily and in mitigating the pain thereof, I had a little angry bite on my right cheek, which was somewhat painful, I had experience of the aptness of my heart to corruption and vanity, my heart if full of it, lord if thou keep me not, I am undone, the season was open, dry, temperate, and warm sometimes foggy, corn thrived excellently, our peace continued in England, and success very great in Ireland, blessed by our god, the lord was good to me in my strength for the duties of the day, my navel continued well, oh that I could praise the lord who abounds in goodness towards me.