Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

3.3.1650 (Sunday 3 March 1650)

document 70004720

March: 3. This week the lord was good to me and mine in providing for us under the straits of the times, enabling me to give, which is better than to receive, my little son was somewhat better in his eyes, he rested very ill 3 nights, but the 4th night god heard our prayer and refreshed his wearied mother , Mary recovered in her eyes the lord was good to me in keeping my heart in some measure close to him, and in preserving me from foolish and vain thoughts and dreams - god good to us in our dear friend Mrs Mary who grows upwards again, I preached one part of the day at home the other at Halsted, god was good to me in his word and in my going and returning the lord in mercy accept me and rejoice over me and do me good