Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

2.4.1650, 3.4.1650, 4.4.1650, 6.4.1650 (Tuesday 2 April 1650)

document 70004790

Ap: 2. Mr Harrington came not before I went to London as I expected, so that I could not treat him in the affair of the school, I rid away to Cranham safe that night, god good to me in preserving me upon the way. die. 3. I came to London could not find Major Haines went and dined with Col. Cooke . by whom indeed I expected god would bring about the affair, he rode with me in his coach to Dr Wrights . he promised me if Mr Harrington and we could agree, he would then depute me. I thought it was but a cold business. I could not do much in the matter of my augmentation I lay with Major Haines , returned home safe die 4. and found Mr Harrington had brought his kinsman Mr Alliston to town; which was a great disturbance to us, but he proffered terms of accommodation, we expected his uncle, but he came not till night die 6. when we came to an agreement(.) thus far gods providence has managed the business in a way and method beyond my expectation. I stayed myself on his providence if he had laid it out, he would one way or other effect it, I desire my prayer may be still answered, and that god would make me serviceable to his glory, and other persons good herein, which I hope and trust he will do.