Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

11.4.1650 (Thursday 11 April 1650)

document 70004805

11: This day I took the surrender of Sawyers from Mr Wm Haukesbee to the use of my daughter Mary Josselin , and her heirs forever, the purchase cost me 50li., which I fully paid to him and received an acquittance from him for it, and bond to make it good, it is of gods mercy thus to bless me and provide for me and mine, this day and 10: and 12: I sow the barley in the yard, the lord give a blessing thereon that it may increase:

[Navel] - my navel did moisten, both gold colour, and a little whitish, it was not sore, it may be of gods mercy that it does issue preventing the keeping up of corrupt matter in me,