Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

14.4.1650 (Sunday 14 April 1650)

document 70004810

Ap. 14: This week god was good to me and mine in our peace, plenty, health, good in making provision for me and mine in these days of want, my wife faint, my little Ralph very unquiet in nights. the employments I have now upon me are divers, I in some measure have cause to bless god for it, for my mind is not so subject to its vanities being otherwise employed, oh when shall the strength of thy grace make me more than conqueror over my corruptions. the season marvellous pleasant, gods eye is on the earth for good, oh lord let it be still upon us, and give us such seasonable and comfortable showers as we may have occasion to bless and praise thy name for it, I was this day at Halsted, my place unsupplied, I do not purpose to go another whole day to them for a long season.