Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

5.5.1650 (Sunday 5 May 1650)

document 70004875

May. 5. This week god was good to us in our peace, and in provision for us, the lords hand was towards us in our health, somewhat better, my pose though not gone yet that and my stuffing not so bad, my navel continued to issue, but very little, and god took of any fear from my heart, in the apprehension of his turning it to good, and perhaps as I think even, an outward good, and in due time he will heal me, the lord was good to us in the season, it gives great hopes of plenty. Mrs Mary Church continues very ill as formerly, her issue runs but her pain does not assuage, the lord in his season send her help, my dear wife complains much of her head, the Lord good to me in giving me a heart in some measure to watch against my iniquity, though I humbly acknowledge my unevenness and aptness to revolt, god good to me in my lightness of heart in his inward and outward goodness towards me, for which I bless his most holy name, the Lord was good to me in the work and exercise of the Sabbath, and this day my Ralph is a full year old, he has grappled divers months with strong distempers, it is of gods mercy and goodness he is alive.