Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

24.5.1650 (Friday 24 May 1650)

document 70004925

24: I rested very comfortably with my dear wife this night past, but my Mary very ill, this morning she sleeps sweetly, soundly(,) to god be praise, this morning many passages in the 34 psalm refreshed me, my little Ralph very ill, when the lord sees good, he will shine again on my tabernacle, and I shall praise him, Dr Wright has fully invested me in the school for his time, and for his right, the lord make me serviceable to his glory therein, and let it turn to my good and advantage, my dear Mary voided six worms more this day(.) I went to bed at night, but was raised up, with the dolour of my wife , that Mary was dying, she was very near death, but the lord preserved her this night also, oh lord suit my heart unto all thy dealings, show me why you do contend with me, oh mother says she if you could but pull out something handsomely here , (and lays her hand on her stomach) I should be well, lord do it beyond all means, thou alone are more than all,