Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

26.5.1650 (Sunday 26 May 1650)

document 70004935

May. 26. This morning all our hopes of Maries life was gone, to the Lord I have resigned her and with him I leave her, to receive her into his everlasting arms, when he sees best, she rests free from much pain we hope in regard she makes no dolour the lord makes us willing she should be out of her pain, and why are we at any times unwilling, when god is about such a work, that he would take them up into his glory, this day the word was made marvellously comfortable to me, my heart could not but mourn over and for my babe, but I left it with the lord, and was quiet in my spirit, in gods taking it, to whom, I did freely resign it, my little son in all peoples eyes is a dying child, lord thy will be done, you are better to me than sons and daughters, though I value them above gold and jewels, my navel continued well this week for which I bless god, my bile grew sorer, and my carnals in my flank, which god I trust will ordain for an abundance of good to me,