Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

9.5.1650 (Thursday 9 May 1650)

document 70004975

June. 9: God was good to me and mine this week, in our health, in peace, and outward mercies, stopping the infection in the town, that it proceeds no farther, my navel very well through mercy. lord provide mercy and truth for me which may preserve me: The Lord good to me in bearing up my heart under my trials, I see emptiness of these things more, and gods worth, and my soul desires to follow hard after him to enjoy him, all things: and all things in and through him, in the affair of Mrs Mary there are divers discourses, but the uprightness of my heart therein affords through god peace to me, and I trust will more, and more, others esteem I shall lose very much by it; what gods providence casts out I desire to be satisfied with as best for me, my dear wife hoped she did somewhat recover strength, the Lord watch over me and mine for good, for his mercy sake, and because of them that desire my hurt, lord pardon it, unto them, and take their evil mind from them for christs sake; what ever my condition be, to you oh lord I come because of your goodness, lead me, set me, stay me on that rock that is higher than me, god was good to me in the work, and duty of the day the good Lord in mercy own me, and accept me, I was offered help this afternoon, but I thought best to refuse it, received a very kind, consolatory letter [from my Lady Honywood of] whose illness I hear by herself,