Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

7.7.1650 (Sunday 7 July 1650)

document 70005040

July: 7. This week the Lord was good to us all in our peace, health, in providing for us in doing many of my occasions comfortably. I desire to give god the glory thereof the lords name be praised in making me much to forget my sorrows, in keeping my heart from divers temptations with which I was formerly annoyed, the lords most holy name be praised for the same, I find my heart more sweetened with apprehensions of his goodness to me, and taste him above all creatures and conditions as my choice, and special good, I find him helping me in my employment, so that my businesses though much and many are easy and delightful to me. the day was very wet, god afflicts Ireland with the plague most sadly, and now Scotland and we are likely to engage into blood, arise and save us for in thee we trust, and do us good for thy most holy name sake we entreat thee. god was good to us in the mercies and goodness of the Sabbath for which I bless his name,