Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

8.9.1650 (Sunday 8 September 1650)

document 70005205

Sept: 8: This week the Lord was good and merciful to us in our outward mercies in being our health in these days for which I bless his name, my wife ill, and yet mercy raised her up. die. 7o. to be a special instrument to save a womans life in travail, my navel ill one day, but well after a dressing to god be ascribed the praise, this week I supped very little; god has kept us this week past in some measure of uprightness free from some former vanities of mind, oh that I might receive strength and grace to serve thee perfectly fully. the Scottish affair very difficult, give a good issue to it for thy glory and peoples good we entreat thee, its not so much laid to heart as formerly. heard of the rout of the Scotch army that 4000 were slain 10000 prisoners: 22 pieces or ordnance taken, and this done September. 3. news London die. 7o. this was reported to me just when I came down out of pulpit.