Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

15.9.1650 (Sunday 15 September 1650)

document 70005210

Sept. 15. This week past the Lord was good and gracious to me, and mine in many outward mercies, in our health, peace and plenty, the smallpox proceeded no further this week, blessed be the name of my good god. my navel was a little moist one day, but not sore, I did not dress it, The week was wet the way wonderfully bad, much corn still abroad, the lord for his mercy sake give a good seed time, this week we returned thanks to god for our Irish victories, the Scots victory true, we heard of the welfare of Major Haynes after our victory, for which the lord be praised. this week the Lady Elizabeth second daughter of the King died in the Ile of Wight whither she and her brother were sent, this is the first of them that fell by the hand of god in all these troubles, there are 5 more of them still living. 3 sons and 2 daughters; This week I had much experience of corruption of spirit, easily yielding to corrupt meditations the good Lord in his mercy heal me, Lord to you I look do not you leave me in or under the power of my lust of heart whatsoever. god good to me in the Sabbath for which I bless him