Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

8.12.1650 (Tuesday 8 December 1650)

document 70005350

December: 8. This week past, the Lord was good and merciful to me and mine in our peace, health, plenteous provision, the smallpox spreads no farther yet blessed be god, the Lord stay it for his mercy sake, the Lord was good in not letting any sinful lust have dominion over me, oh that my soul could admire him, and walk worthy of him, and obey him: the Lord was sweet to my spirit in the word showing me the realness of his fullness and of that supply that is in him suitable to all my straits and wants whatsoever(.) the lord makes me still inquisitive after the times and seasons and what he is going, lord lead me not into any error mistake thereabout I humbly entreat thee, but preserve me spotless to the coming of christ, that I may give up my account with joy: tasted of gods goodness in the bounty of some friends towards me