Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

19.12.1650 (Saturday 19 December 1650)

document 70005385

December. 19. My dear wife and I woke and rose in due time, my morning frame very comfortable, my heart with wife and family, and by myself bent to the work, and a restraint of vain thoughts, the lord be with me, and pour out affection and grace upon us all in the work for his own holy names sake. the Lord was very good to me and the company in the day, our number was very great more than ever I saw at such a meeting, and the lord gave to us more affection than ordinary, we had a very large contribution, and my wife had provided plenty of cake.

at night my heart settled much expecting within a short space of 3. 4 or 5 years to see christs work against the beast much advanced, and that on these grounds. from 395. when the Beast and Kings arose to 1656. are just. 1260 days of apocalyptic years: to 1653. are 6 times Adams age who died at 930: which is annus mundi. 1580: - 1656. in the same year after christ in which the world was drowned after the flood creation that being anno mundi. 1656.