Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

22.12.1650 (Tuesday 22 December 1650)

document 70005390

Decemb: 22: This week past the Lord was good and merciful to me and mine in our peace, health, plenty in outward mercies, watching over me and mine and in preserving us from the sound of violence, when two of my neighbours houses have been broken up whereof one lost much, for which I am heartily aggrieved(.) the lord good to my dear wife who does not so much complain of illnesses as formerly, oh that mercy might thoroughly sanctify us, I have not had much trouble in my navel or issue many a Day, for which I desire to bless the name of my good god, many annoyances of heart I have not much heard of, the lord in mercy to my soul preserve me from every evil way, the lord was good to me in the work and duty of the Sabbath for which I bless his holy name; Margaret Potter went from us, and Mathye Bull came to us at night December 20. 1650. god bless her with us and do her good for soul and body;

This day I quoted that place. Revel. 21. 9. 10. when my heart noted; from one of the 7 angels pouring out the vials showing the bride: that some of the angels that pour the vials should live to see the new Jerusalem; [Ezech. 40. 2.] this shortness of time a great depth of comfort: and this sight is on a mountain which is an allusion to the passage of the devil towards christ, noting out a kingdom a great distance from Jerusalem, and what should that be but our dear England in the farthest corner of the world.